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Art Chalk

Art Chalk

Art chalk is a stick of sedimentary rock that leaves a trail when dragged across a surface. These surfaces can range from pavement to cloth just so long as they re rough. Chalk is usually white but can be pigmented with many different colors. It can be used to write on blackboards and chalk paint to draw on sidewalks and unused roads and to mark patterns on cloth among other things. Chalk i
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Ambrite Paper Chalk Assorted Colors 12 SticksSet

DIX53012 is a Art Chalk made by DIXON TICONDEROGA CO.. 53012 is associated with UPC code 72067530127

Colored Drawing Chalk Six Each of 24 Assorted Colors 144 SticksSet

CYO510400 is a Art Chalk made by BINNEY & SMITH / CRAYOLA. 510400 is associated with UPC code 71662004002