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Multipro Indian Ghodiyu, Indian Style Cradle, Quick Set up New Born Baby

EASY TO CLEAN - Ghodiyu Indian baby hammock can be easily installed outdoors or at your next visit to family and friends! Quick to set up -takes less than 2 minutes. Kit contains Frame Kit Cloth Canopy Carry Bag FANTASTIC UNISEX DESIGN - Baby swing Indian style, folds To About 2 Foot Long. Carry it easily wherever you go. Fits in the car trunk (Once folded becomes 2 feet) CAN BE GENTLY ROCKED WITH A LITTLE TILT BY MOM - Indian cradle, Stainless Steel pipe frames are resistant to corrosion and rust. Sturdy and life-time durable structure. GENTLE SOFT FABRICS FOR BABY S COMFORT - Indian style swing for baby, Weight Capacity Up to 20 Kg (45 Lbs) amp Height Limit Up to 78 cm (30 inch) REDUCES RISKS OF SUFFOCATION, CARBON DIOXIDE AND RE BREATHING, CLIMBING AND ENTANGLEMENT - Comes with this order A package of a flat bed type hammock with a set of pipes for safety. This unique portable cradle promotes airflow and helping to maintain air access. The folding Ghodiyu is made of seamless stainless pipes. Soft and padded, keeps little babies inside the crib safely . Hypoallergenic. The specialty of this Palnu model is this can be set up very quickly (In less than 2 minutes!). Easy to fold and put inside the carrier bag, bag length become 2 feet. This compact bag can be easily stored anywhere Home, car, cabinet etc. Relaxing rocking action, securing inclined position for babies who need it. Collapses easily to bring along on visits or trips Machine washable and drying fast! Amazing little liner for baby s first crib. One size fits all. Satin trim finish. Soft and padded. no dangerous ties. Safety evaluated. Patented. Recommended Age newborns