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Do you not like bathtubs Maybe you have a phobia of pools of water. Maybe you watch too many horror or murder mystery shows and tremble at the thought of your obituary reading murdered by toaster . Try purchasing and installing a shower When buying a shower make sure you can either install it yourself or can find someone who can properly install it for you. Look for one that looks nice and tha
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K-12100-C-0 White Free 1Pc Shower/R

K12100C0 is a Shower made by Kohler. 560641

K-12101-C-0 White Free 1Pc Shower/L

K12101C0 is a Shower made by Kohler. 560644

K-12111-C-0 White Free 1Pc ShowerL

K12111C0 is a Shower made by Kohler. 560647

K-12112-C-0 White Free 1Pc Shower/R

K12112C0 is a Shower made by Kohler. 560650